Best Way To Install A Car Hoist

Car Hoist Classic Lift 4000C 4Tonne 2post Hoist

Best Way To Install A Car Hoist

Installing a car hoist is not an easy job and not hard work if you have the knowledge to do mechanical and repair work or if you are a panel beating or any mechanical work or you think you are capable of installing a car hoist including 2 posts, 4 post hoist, and scissor lift.
I believe installing a car hoist can be done by any person with good mechanical knowledge and has the equipment needed to complete the installation safely and correctly,

you don’t want to hire an installer or if you don’t have great access and the installer will see it as hard work for him so you have no choice but to install it yourself or if you live in the country and you do not have a hoist installer near you then you have no choice but to install it yourself. When you purchase the hoist, the hoist will be on a pallet. The first thing you need is a truck or a trailer to pick up the hoist or the hoist supplier will deliver the hoist to your address or they can send it by a transport company you also need to have access to a forklift or any other similar machine to unload the hoist from the truck.

once your hoist arrives at your home garage or workshop and you want to start to install it as we mentioned the hoist will be on a pallet, so now you have to unpack the hoist and then you will find an instruction manual in the parts box and it will show you how to install it, and you have to follow all the instructions.

First, you have to put all the parts like the arms the cables the hydraulic hose the post you will put them in a line one next to the other. And now you have to put all the bolts neatly in order from smallest to largest, and now you need to have all the equipment required, so you can start the installation process. Tools

Tools to install a car hoist 1
Tools to install a car hoist

1.90-degree straightedge
2.hammer Drill
3.Tape measure
4.Spanner from 10 to 24MM
5. Shifter
6.20mm drill bit
7.Vice grip
8.Laser or chock line
10.Box of sockets and ratchet
11.Hydraulic Oil grade 32 or 46

Now start to install, first of all, you have to check the distance between the post and then you have to mark which side is the power unit going to go with the ruler and chock line and then check and then do the same to the other side,

now you have to push the carriage to the middle and connect the cable around the roller and inside the carriage, do the same to the other side, connect the hydraulic lines on both posts, stand both posts, now try to position the posts where you marked on the floor, start drilling the first post but before you do that make sure you have walk access between the wall and the post (min 500mm), now you can start drilling I believe you already checked the concrete thickness and you are sure it is more than 100mm, my suggestion for you is to use galvanized bolts.

Put tape on the drill bit to indicate the depth which should be slightly deeper than the length of the bolt and then start drilling after you finish drilling hammer the bolts to the holes and tightening the nut to 150 nm it’s better to use a torque wrench after you finished line the second post to the first post by chock line or laser and do the same work after both posts are finished and ready connect the cables between the two posts to the carriage and don’t tighten the nuts leave it loose,

Tighten the Hoist bolts 1
Tighten the Hoist bolts

connect the hydraulic hoses and the safety cables to the locks on both posts and you have to put the power unit on the post. And fill it with the hydraulic 10-12 liters call the Electrician so he can connect the power now you have to install the 4 arms and lift pads after this is done,

drive the car to the hoist and lift the car so you can commission the hoist and make both carriages lifting the car to be at the same height at the same time and on the level when lifting the car and when the car comes down it should not move to the left on the hoist this means left post carriage down if the car moved to the right mean right post down and you need to adjust the carriage left or right always make sure the car when on the hoist up in the air it’s set on the safety locks not on the ram because it will cause damage to the ram seals also make sure the hoist load holds tongues activate at the same time and also install the cut off switch to the top bar if the hoist is a clear floor type.