Best Workshop Hoist that you must have!

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Workshop Hoists or vehicle lifts are automotive equipment that is used to uplift the vehicles. They are very important pieces of equipment in the automotive industry for their multipurpose uses.

The biggest advantage of workshop hoists is that it makes the repairing work of vehicles easy and comfortable. Due to their extensive uses, they are usually found in automotive shops or garages.

There are various types of workshop hoists, each with different features and functions. Of all, here we will discuss the 4 widely used and most essential workshop hoists that you must have.

2 Post Workshop Hoist
2 Post Hoists engage the vehicle from frames. It consists of two supportive arms in each column. This type of workshop hoist is considered good for repairing work, especially to work on certain parts like brakes, wheels, suspensions, grease points, etc. It is a very useful hoist to lift lightweight vehicles.
There are generally two types of 2 post hoist, the first one is symmetric and the other one is asymmetric. Both are equally effective but the former one has a drawback.
In asymmetric post hoist, all the arms are of the same length, and the vehicle’s door is placed next to the lift posts. Due to this, the door of the car may get bumped into the window doors.
However, in asymmetric post hoist, the back arms are longer than the front and the problem of doors getting smashed into the post is eliminated. That is why asymmetric hoists are preferred by many.

Four Post Workshop Hoist
4 Post workshop hoists engage from wheels. These types of hoists are widely used for they consist of support of four arms and which is why they are sturdier than other hoists.
The best part about them is that they can increase your vehicle storage capacity. With them, you can park two cars at the spot of single parking. Such hoists make an ideal choice for home garages.

Scissor Workshop Hoist
Also known as Aerial Work Platform (AWP), Scissor hoists consist of crisscrossing metal support that elongates as it lifts the vehicle. These hoists are different than the two-post lifts and four-post lifts.
Besides being used in the automotive industry,

these can be also used in construction sites to help the workers to climb up to specific heights. In terms of stability, scissor hoists are the best. They come in various sizes to suit all your needs. Moreover, when not in use, they can be retracted and stored easily anywhere.

Motorcycle Workshop Hoist
Motorcycle Workshop Hoists, as the name suggests, are used to uplift your motorcycles or bikes. If you have an automotive repair shop then having different types of hoists for all kinds of vehicles can be advantageous with motorcycle hoists,

you can conveniently inspect all the parts of the bikes and repair them. From small to large, it comes in all sizes and shapes. However, do consider the weight lifting capacity of the motorcycle hoist and don’t overload it beyond its weight limit.

So, these are the 4 best and most important types of workshop hoists that you must have in the automotive industry.
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