The Advantages Of A 240 Volt Power Car Hoist

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The advantages of a 240 Volt power car hoist Are The car hoist powered by a 240 Volt system can be installed virtually in any location ie on private property or small shed or commercial locations such as factory unit or even a home garage as long as the requirements such as width and height […]

Car Lift Storage Solutions

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The ever-increasing demand of the vehicle lifts in the market led to the production of a wide range of lifts, including single post lift, two-post lift, four-post lift, scissor lift, etc. Each vehicle lift consists of its own pros and cons, however, here we will discuss the Single Post Lifts. Single Post lift consists of […]

Classic Lift Australian Based Company Manufacturers Of Automotive Car Hoists.

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Classic Lift Australia Hoists stands as an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing automotive lifts which have been built in line with world-class standards. The local Australian company takes pride in its top-quality products which since the first releases to the market 15 years ago have set new standards in the safety-conscious automobile segment. […]

The Scissor Lift is A Better Alternative Than Car Lifts

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Gone are those days when you use ladders to manage your work at the height. With the advent of the latest technology and innovations, cutting-edge technology-based hydraulic powered scissor lifts that can raise and lower heavy loads or workers without any risk. The stable design of this lift allows the lift platform to be raised […]

How does hydraulic lift Work?

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A hydraulic lift is a type of machine that uses a hydraulic apparatus to lift or move objects using the force created when pressure is exerted on liquid in a piston. Force then produces “lift” and “work.” Hydraulic lift technology has a multitude of industrial applications, like construction and transport.  It is often implemented to […]

Buying Car Hoist: All You Need To Know About Two-Post Car Hoist

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Have you been planning to welcome a car hoist in your residential garage or repair shop? Before investing your hard-earned money on the car hoist, it is worth to know more about the best options and ins/outs of the same. Whether you are buying it for your residence or professional repair shop, two-post car hoist is […]

The Two Main Types Of Car Hoists Are 2 Post & 4 Post

2 post 5.5 ton Base Plate CL5500

the two post car hoist clear floor needs for correct installation A concrete pad of 32 mph strength and 120 -150 mm thickness. the minimum width requirement is 5 meters and the minimum height requirement is 3800 mm The hoist is available in 240 & 415 volts (single phase & 3 phase). The hoists are […]

Two Post Car Lift vs Four Post Car Lift

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The car lift is automotive equipment used to lift or move the car in a vertical direction. Auto lifts or car lifts come in various shapes and sizes. Car lifts are categorized into two major classes- one that engages by frame and another that engage by the wheel. There are various types of car lifts, […]

Best Way to Maintain your Workshop Car Hoist

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Nowadays, car hoists have become a piece of popular and must-have equipment for every workshop. And the reason for their popularity is that they are safe, easy to use, and offer a more comfortable way to repair your vehicles. However, car hoists could be dangerous if used not correctly. Hence, it is important for you […]