Car Stackers for Home and Garage

classic Car Stacker CLP1

What is a Car Stacker and why do you need one?

Cars at a parking lift are extremely secure. Getting extra space is a major advantage but there are other

advantages; Cars are much safer at the park lift against burglary or theft.

The chance of getting hit by other cars up above is simply none.

Systems can be used indoors or out. Needs almost no maintenance.

Just like the option lifts; the Major lift is a dependent type parking mechanism; Please review the car stacker

page. Short on floor space in your garage,

but have plenty of height?

Need to transport a fleet of cars in one trip?  Need a vertical parking solution for your building? The very

an obvious solution is to start parking vehicles on top of each other right?

Absolutely, but how?  Well, this is where a car stacker or two comes in handy. What is a car stacker and what does it do?

Read on for a crash course in all things car stackers. Car stackers in their most basic functionality, allow two or more cars to park in the same space.

Increasing the number of car spaces available to safely and securely park without impacting on the total
footprint of the home or building. Essentially car stackers help utilize,

the space you often see in car parks above
Your car. Many options come with different stacker designs including lifts to allow for a second
vehicle underneath,

and So much more, the limit lies with your creativity and your architect’s ingenuity.
What is Stacker?
A Car stacker is a tool to essentially stacks cars on top of each other. Commonly used on trucks to move new and used vehicles around the country. You would have seen them on any highway or motorway at some point.

There are several designs and a range of different ways to stack depending on your needs and space.
Most commonly you will see the option commonly referred to as an above-ground stacker.
Traditionally this is the style
Seen on most vehicle transport trucks. It’s where the vehicles on the bottom face one way and
the one on top faces the opposite way in a top-and-tail style. We at ClassicLift stock a similar version of this type of stacker in our CLT 2 model,
boasting a lift and lower time of 24 seconds, not only is our stacker durable, and safe, it is also fast. With a hydraulic drive
And position-locking method could be the stacker for you.

Car stackers offer an effective way of maximizing space in your home or building without impacting on amenities or other features. our CLP Models are a perfect example of making the most of the space available. The difference between these models and the CLT is the vehicles remain level, rather than the top vehicle
being on an angle. The
main principle is still the same, there are just a few differences in the way the top vehicle is
stored and a 700 – 1200kg difference in the positive for the vehicle weight. our CLP models also boast a dynamic
anti-falling lock to
prevent mishaps. Need space for more than two vehicles at a time? We have a solution for that as well. We have
vertical stackers for 3
or 4 vehicles in our CLC range. For more industrious uses of space and where needs are
greater, these models are the perfect solutions for several vehicle storages. Why a ClassicLift Car Stacker? First and foremost, we value the safety of our staff and customers and would not manufacture or
sell a vehicle
the solution to any of our clients if we were not 100% confident in our safety rating. When you’re
stacking one vehicle on top of another and therefore safety must be of utmost importance;

at ClassicLift, safety is our
number one priority, so rest assured the products you purchase from our team are safe.

We also manufacture our products and our car stackers are cut by lasers and welded in part by robots ensuring accuracy and precision for safer and stronger,  more reliable stackers. Our stackers all meet Australian Standards and we can ship anywhere in Australia or we have offices based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

We also offer a unique post-sharing option to reduce the space required for the stackers without reducing the functionality. Whether it’s a hoist, scissor lift or stacker you need,

Classic Lift Australia is the best place to go.
Our friendly team are on deck to help you with all of your questions and queries and we service most of Australia. Call
to speak to one of our friendly team on 1800 951 022, or email us and we will be in touch shortly.