Classic Car hoist for home garage shed

If you  Looking for a good all-around Car hoist for your workshop or your Garage Shed and Want to free up space in your garage or if you have a home garage or mechanical workshop with low concrete Slab thickness and you want to service your vehicles or you want

to open a mechanical workshop and you have limited space, or struggling to lift vehicles to full height the mobile single post lift will be the best option to choose,  These 2.5-tonne lifts are a great lift for any commercial workshop or a home enthusiast looking for a top-quality product at an affordable price.

The mobile single post lift has 4 wheels and a pallet jack, so you can push the lift under the vehicle, and jack the lift, then you can position the arms of the lift under the lifting points of the vehicle.
The mobile single post has swivel arms on the front which can move with a small lever.
The thickness of the concrete does not need to be like 2 post and 4 post hoists 100m or more, also you can use the mobile single post outside the garage or workshop. the single post mobile lift comes in a 240V 10 amp, so you can power the hoist from any position when moving it around. when you don’t need the lift you can put it inside the garage. If you don’t have a workshop you can still have
the mobile single post lift you can use a cover to cover it when not in use.
Make sure that the floor is level (Very Important), you can not lift the car if the floor is not level, with a mobile single post you have to consider the width of the car and the weight distribution, so when lifting the car it has to be on balance.
you can’t move the lift when there is a car on it, the mobile single post lift has a safety lock so when you lift the car to the desired position you must be sure that the safety lock is engaged, you can not work under the car without the car sitting on the safety locks.
you always have to think when lifting the car, safety is very important.
Most two and four post lifts fall into the same price ranges although two-post lifts demand at least 150mm of reinforced concrete of at least 30mpa plus ceiling clearance. Selecting which lift is best suited and economical for you would depend on your particular situation and the tasks you would like to use it for.
a two post a-symmetrical which is giving you floor clearance
And cars can be stored on a two-post Hoist. but I always recommend placing an under-hoist tall jack stand under the front and rear of the car to prevent accidental tipping.
They can provide added security when working on the car also.
Scissor lift type hoists 
Recently scissor lift type hoists have become very popular, although their usage is somewhat limited. Below is a list of repairs etc which can be done with ease on scissor lift type hoists.
A) vehicle Inspections, both for repairing and registration of vehicles.
B) Any form of brake work (machining or replacing of disks or drums)
C) All forms of tyre work
                     D) Replacing of struts, tail shaft, uni-joints, and other minor under vehicle repairs
Prices for scissor lift hoists vary between
SWL(Safe Working Load) also range from 2.8 Tonne to 7.3 Tonne.
We Provide the full range of scissor lift hoists (not including delivery and installation)