If You Are Thinking To Buy a Hoist In 2020

Classic Lift 4000C 4tonne clearfloor

If you Are Thinking to buy a Hoist in 2020

when you want to start a new project or you want to build a home garage Or do you want to have shed at home The first thing you’re going to think what Concrete thickness and strength will I need,  secondly what area and hight will I need to be able to install the hoist I wish to buy also do

I want and need a 2post hoist or a 4post hoist and what safe working load(SWL) to cater for the Vehicle I will be working on. should I consider Different types of hoists eg Parking lift hoist, scissor lift hoist, single post lift, Movable hoist,

ceiling height or the roof Height is very important if your ceiling height is too low cannot have two poster if you are ceiling height it’s at maximum height for example 4 meter It’s perfect to install 2 post hoist,
The question is if you thinking to get to a 2 post Hoist what kind of two poster you going to buy if you going to lift four-wheel-drive or small cars you need 4tonne hoist
If you’re going to lift heavy four-wheel-drive then you will need a 4.5 ton the best for four-wheel-drive is asymmetric Hoist and some design hoists come with a three stage arms on the front and rear a three stage on the back arms will give you the benefit of drive on or revers on to the hoist we recommend this hoist for your she or workshop, The 3 stage arms also increase considerably the safety of lifting your vehicle You can have in your shed or in your workshop.
Classic Lift 2post CL5500C classiclift Australia f 1
Classic Lift 2 post 3 stage arm Hoist Designed
The three-stage front arm and a three-stage back arm Hoist designed  Will help you if the car does not start or not to drive so you don’t have to face the car to the front of the hoist this is one of the best feature and also the two safety lock release one side with the lever And if the Motor on the front not on the side of the post so I can give you access to walk behind the wall on the post and also check the ram of the hoist direct drive or chain drive always direct drive more powerful and fast lifting if you have low ceiling don’t worry the scissor lift is the best solution for lifting car at the home garage they are two types of scissors lifts one flush mount and one bolted to the floor the flush mount is more practical and easy to work with and also won’t make room in the shed.
If you want to buy 4post Hoist The first thing about the safety of a four-post is to have a safety lock and some have for even more safety the eight locks all more convenient to raise the car up if you want 4  poster For home garage I suggest for you to have it on wheels so you can move it around the shed also if your she is big enough you can have big four-poster hoist The 4 post hoist people prefer it to work under is this one if you want to start your mechanical business the 4.5 tonne is the best for your business with 4.5 tonne you can lift any passenger cars including Heavy 4 WD to small cars make sure the hoist is direct drive, not chain drive so can give you have more power and 415V is always more powerful than 240V.