Installation a 4 post hoist for one of our regular customers

Classic Lift hoist installation 1

We have installed a 4 post hoist for one of our regular customers,

The Classic Lift Australia Team were delivered the hoist to the customers unit by our truck with hiab facility and placed it on the workshop floor where it was

partly assembled, the remaining parts were installed separately,

ie the four-post, the platforms and the cross beams the power unit was then installed on the motor post ( these units are available in 240V or 415V) once the

clearances have been checked the four posts were bolted to the concrete.

The wiring to the unit was then completed, hydraulic oil was added to the reservoir and the hoist was tested by

Lifting a vehicle up and down several times, the safety features were checked and the hoist was ready for general use the hoist was then regarded as being

commissioned and could then be used safely.