If You Are Planning To Open a Mechanical Workshop or Tyre Shop In 2021 

Car Hoist Classic BP4 baseplate 4 Tonne Hoist h

If You Are Planning To Open A Mechanical Workshop or Tyre Shop In 2021

The first thing you need to do is to find A unit To start your new business if the unit is on the main road it will be better to save you advertising and also it’s good for a new business always if the unit or the workshop is on the main road and especially if it is on a good position,

the size of the unit I believe 200 meters It’s enough to start your new business. After you find the unit are you going to be looking for the workshop equipment and all the garage equipment

So you will need the car hoist And 2 tyre changer one fully automatic and one basic And one balancer the reason why you need to have two tyre changer So if one tire changer stop working or faulty so you have a spare one to use and your business is not going to stop When you looking for garage equipment it’s not necessary to buy expensive garage equipment sometimes cheap Tyre Changer can do the job,

Classic Tyre Changer CL868T
Classic Tyre Changer

And when you start the new business if you are short with the money you need to save some money and I believe when you rent the unit you have to pay bond and two months rent in advance, So you need a new business to start in the beginning will be hard if you are a business mechanical workshop, you need 2 hoists one 2 post hoist clear floor and 2 post hoist baseplate hoist and better to have mid-rise (belly lift) Hoist very handy to have it and easy to use and then you’ll start to fined wholesaler tyre shop people so you can buy cheap new tyres so you can start and I believe The three-phase Tyre Changer is better than 240V tire change it’s more power and the motor is powerful and also it’s fast to change the tire especially if you get flat tire very helpful to have 3phase tire machine The balancer is OK to have it in 240V,

Classic Balancer CL868
Classic Balancer CL868

With the car Hoist it’s better to have one baseplate and one clearfloor Also you need an engine crane And oil drain and air compressor and gearbox jack and better to have A press if your shop For tyres You must have a wheel alignment Hoist you cannot do tire shop without wheel alignment hoist and also wheel alignment machine these two will be very handy to have them in your workshop because people do need wheel alignment to there cars when they come to you for changing the tires they want to have wheel alignment to their car specially if you put them for the new tires you have to have a new wheel alignment machine, Maybe your budget is very limited but you have no choice if you open a tyre shop The Wheel alignment machine is expenseve But if you keep looking And shopping around you will find a good one with a reasonable price And also you can buy a second hand one I mean a good secondhand one shouldn’t be a problem with it if the seller can give you warranty and can show it is a good machine and better: finally, when starting your business always give some specials to your initial customers.

Classic Lift 4000C 4tonne clearfloor 2Post b
Classic Lift 4000C 4tonne clearfloor 2Post b