car stackers

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Cars at a parking lift are extremely secure.  Getting extra space is a major advantage but there are other advantages; Cars are much safer at the park lift against burglary or theft.

The chance of getting hit by other cars up above is simply none.

Systems can be used indoors or out. Needs almost no maintenance..

Just like the option-lift; a Major lift is a dependent type of parking mechanism; Please review the car stacker page. Short on floor space in your garage,

but have plenty of height?

Need to transport a fleet of cars in one trip?  Need a vertical parking solution for your building? The very obvious solution is to start parking vehicles on top of each other right?

Absolutely, but how?  Well, this is where a car stacker or two comes in handy. What is a car stacker and what does it do?

Read on for a crash course in all things car stackers. Car stackers in their most basic functionality, allow two or more cars to park in the same space.

Increasing the number of car spaces available to safely and securely park without impacting on the total
footprint of the home or building. Essentially car stackers help utilize,