The Advantages Of A 240 Volt Power Car Hoist

Classic 2 post power unit 1

The advantages of a 240 Volt power car hoist Are The car hoist powered by a 240 Volt system can be installed virtually in any location ie on private property or small shed or commercial locations such as factory unit or even a home garage as long as the requirements such as width and height and the depth, stature, and required mpa (megapascal, this is the measurement for the strength of concrete) are met

2.installation for this type of hoist also is much more simple than 3 phase and the electrics can be done by any tradesman with a very basic knowledge of electrics, the power usage is also considerably lower.

3. Very important to note that this system is virtually of the same strength and reliability as a 3 phase system

4.the 240 Volt system can be used on a large variety of workshop equipment such as.

a) 2 Post and 4 Post Hoists

B) motorcycle Hoists

C) scissor Lifts , Mobile Lifts ,stackers Lifts , Parking HoistsThe 240 Volt System Has now been in use for many years with 100 per cent success, and has proven to be more than Adequate In regards power required to operate this type of Car Hoist

5. A car Hoist with a 240 Volt System can be installed, moved, or relocated with much more ease than a 3 phase system

6. If your Requirments are to cater for vehicles on the higher end of the scale ie heavier Vehicle or SUV ,s or light trucks or light commercial vehicles such as minibuses you need to give serious thought to a 3 Phase system.