The Two Main Types Of Car Hoists Are 2 Post & 4 Post

2 post 5.5 ton Base Plate CL5500

the two post car hoist clear floor needs for correct installation A concrete pad of 32 mph strength and 120 -150 mm thickness.

the minimum width requirement is 5 meters and the minimum height requirement is 3800 mm The hoist is available in 240 & 415 volts (single phase & 3 phase).

The hoists are hydraulicly operated with two rams and some are direct drive and some are chain drive the direct-drive is more powerful, the hoists are available in safe working load capacity ranging from 3.5 tonne to 6.8 tonne.  from the safe working load of 4 tonne and upwards the minimum concrete thickness needs to be at least 150 mm,

Most mechanical workshops prefer clear floor hoists as this is are a distinct advantage in most mechanical repair work the hoists meet all Australian standards as 1418.9-1996 the two post hoists overall do not require the same amount of space as the four-post hoists.

The two post hoists

The two post Hoists are fitted with wire cables for lifting and stabilization and for lifting the carriages for both posts.the two post hoists which have a base plate between the posts are manufactured with chain drive.

The hoists are fitted with a load hold facility to secure the load, extend the life of the lifting cables and to comply with Australian standards. the lifting arms can be supplied with a stackable pad or screw pad

But most people prefer a screw pad.both hoists clear floor and base plate use 32 or 46 hyspin hydraulic oil,

Classic 409 4 post hoist
4 post hoist Australia

The  Four post car hoists are available in many different models. they are available in safe working load capacity from 3 Tonne to 30 tonne they are available in two types, one designed for car parking and storage facility and the other for mechanical Workshop use the models designed for parking use are of a more simpler construction,

Easier to install and use and a more designed for home use and parking solutions, the drive on-ramps can be fixed or moveable to Cater for vehicles of less width.the four-post hoists can be supplied with all requirements to perform wheel alignmentst

The four-post hoists can be fitted with rolling jacks,

This is a hydraulic operated lift to raise the front or the rear of the vehicle to Perform tyre rotations, brake repairs, suspension work,

And many other mechanical inspections and repairs. the four post hoists are also fitted with load hold capacity for the same reasons as the two post.

the parking lift hoists can be operated with 4 caster wheels so as to be used mobile. the four-post hoists are fitted with two safety locks one operated by air and one electrically also fitted with 6 pulleys 4 on the front and two on the rear of the post and the 4 post operated with one ram only heavy-duty and use hydraulic oil 32 or 46 hype.

some four-post hoists can be supplied with aluminum ramps, the ramps can be supplied in different lengths to suit the customer’s requirements. some four post hoists are fitted with longer than normal platforms to suit long wheelbase summary, the hoists are designed and built to suit the purchases need and requirements.