Why is Classic Lift Australia the only choice for your workshop, garage or business

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Why is Classic Lift Australia the only choice for your workshop, garage or business

Does your business need a lift? Looking for a hoist? Classic Lift Australia are the leading experts in everything to lift your business to the next level. Classic Lift are product designers and manufacturers with a focus on safety and support. With our strict quality control and a team dedicated to providing the best products on the market, you really cannot go wrong with a Classic Lift hoist, scissor lift or stacker for your business. What do we do?

At Classic Lift Australia, we design and manufacture automotive lifts, whether it’s a 2 or 4 post life, scissor or portable lift or stacker. We are the industry leaders and service clients all over Australia. We look to our designs and manufacturing process and keep to strict safety standards. This is one of the reasons we are one of a handful of companies whose products carry an Australian Work Safe certification. We aim to ensure our products and service meet the needs of our clients and the industry as well as try to improve the way the industry works with hydraulic lifts, making them safer, easier to use and cost effective for our clients.

Who do we look after?

We look after all manner of clients across Australia. We have offices in Malaga and Campbellfield meaning we can service both the east and west coasts and everyone in between. Our clients come from all corners of the automotive industry, from small town mechanics to large chains. We can provide products to cater to vehicles of all shapes and sizes including bikes. We also service the transport aspect of the automotive industry with our car stackers. We aim to cater our products to automotive professionals regardless of the size of their operation. We want to help the industry grow and flourish and that starts with us providing our clients with superior products, knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s a new parking lift, or parts for a hydraulic lift, we aim to provide the best possible parts and products to every client, regardless of size or sales.

Who we are

We at Classic Lift Australia are a team of professional welders, engineers and we have decades of industry experience and expertise. We design, manufacture and distribute globally our extensive automotive lift products; all of which come with an Australian Work Safe certification. We have the technical expertise to be innovators in our industry and we look to continuously improve our products and services. We also complete our own research and development to further improve our products and how we can better support our clients. We have also been working on producing our own parts for our products, so we can offer a true one stop shop.

Whether it’s a hoist, scissor lift or stacker you need, Classic Lift Australia is the best place to go. Our friendly team are on deck to help you with all of your questions and queries and we service most of Australia. Call to speak to one of our friendly team on 1800 951 022, or email us and we will be in touch shortly.