Hoists Manufacturing

Classic Lift Professional manufacturer of Car Hoists including  2 Post Hoists, 4 Post Hoists, Home Garage Lifts, Parking Lifts, and Hydraulic Power Units.

CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT Australia has over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and global distribution of an extensive line of qualified automotive lifts including a 2-post hoist, 4-post hoist, scissors, and portable lifts. We are one of the few companies whose lifts are passed the Australian work Safe certification.

CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT designs its products to include features for the market demand today Some of the techniques in no vacations include our Super-symmetric single-point safety release systems (two locks, one release), 2-dual synchronous cylinders, hydraulic lock scissors lift, and many more.

CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT has many advanced types of equipment such as imported CNC cutting machines, automatic welding machines, and CNC machining centre, etc. In 2014 CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT establish a new Hydraulic Department to research and produce the hydraulic parts ourselves. At CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT, we pay strict attention to product design, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales support.

The parts we choose and produce are on the principle of the best, such as high-quality Cylinders designed and manufactured on ANSI standard, Self-lubricated sliders and Bronze bush, Aero-cables, Powder coating, and strictly heat treatment technology, and so on. CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT employs certified welders and professional engineers to follow a strict quality control process to meet many of the world’s certification requirements.

Each CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT is designed for customers who seek world-class products! CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT Sales stocks a wide selection of Overhead 2 Posts or 4 posts Lifts that range in height from 11′ 6″ to almost 15 feet tall. Lifting capacities range from 9,000 lbs. to 15,000 lbs. The column configuration may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The arms may be moved to either an asymmetric or symmetric or super-symmetric configuration. The CLASSIC​ ​​LIFT Brand is recognized as an Industry leader for 2 Post Lift Automotive Equipment. All classic 2 Post Above Ground Lifts is engineered and manufactured to deliver years of reliable service in either a commercial shop or home.