Kings Bodyworks

50 weeks ago

Due to having our business in a country town the service was excellent over the phone and via message, very helpful, good product and fast delivery, I ended up buying two!
Robert Da Re
50 weeks ago
Purchased a 4T hoist and had it installed in my workshop in Osborne Park. The purchase process was smooth and the installation was very professional. They took the extra time to ensure the installation job was of the highest quality. Thank you.
col oz

51 weeks ago

my son just bought a 4t two post, very happy, the quality was of a high standard, the instructions were clear and most importantly every nut bolt and screw was in the bags. please deal with them and I am sure their support is good but haven’t needed any as yet. very happy..thank you..
General Motors
51 weeks ago
Thanks harry for your valuable information regarding the 4000c hoist i just purchased A quality unit for my needs .. thanks again Ian
Rob Mcvicar
51 weeks ago
Purchased Hoist From Harry excellent service highly recommend
May 13, 2020
We have our hoist installed classic 4 ton 2 post great service installed quick professionally, great product, friendly staff, very happy
Warwick Brockman
May 13, 2020
Great company Service and price awesome Installation offered complimentary even in Mandurah. Recommended
Dave Fussell

Apr 23, 2020

I bought a classic mobile lift. The service was great. Good product. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Harry .
KingM K
Apr 18, 2020
I’m very pleased with my 2post 4T classic 209X, recently installed in my workshop. Very happy with the installation and service. Highly recommended Professional installed.
Nigel Edley
Apr 9, 2020
I bought classic 4 ton base plate 209X very well manufactured product & sleek looking! Very professional people to deal with thanks Harry for a great service
Chase Cumings
Mar 31, 2020
I purchased the 4.5t clearfloor 2 post hoist. Great hoist and great service. Highly recommend classic lift in Malaga.
Shaun Jones
Mar 20, 2020
happy with my hoist and also the service they provide.
Dave Thomas
Feb 14, 2020
Very helpful, great service and great product.
Mark Jackson
Feb 10, 2020
I just purchased a classic lift 4000 model from Harry at Classic lift.. very happy with service and puctuct, highly recommended. Cheers
Craig Cox
Feb 6, 2020
I bought 2 classic lift CL4000HP parking lift and has Been installed by classic lift Australia. Very happy with the product and the service is very professionally installed and highly recommended thanks classic lift Australia
Peter Burrage
Feb 1, 2020
I bought classic cl3500p parking lift good product very happy with the service highly recommended thanks Harry 👍
Pollard Farming
Jan 28, 2020
I bought a classic 4000 clear floor. Very helpful. Recommend.
Tom van Kann
Dec 17, 2019
I bought a Classic Clear Floor 4000 three weeks ago. Great product and fantastic service and professional installation by Classic Lift Team. Highly recommended
Terry Sanfead
Dec 14, 2019
I bought classic 4000 hoist from classic lift great product great service highly recommend
Steven O’Hare
Nov 18, 2019
Good bunch of guys. Very professional. Thanks Harry and the Team 👍
Paul Clutton
Jun 25, 2019
I bought a 2 post hoist from Classic Lift Australia They came and installed the hoist at my home and were very friendly and professional. I am very happy with the product and service received by the company and would highly recommend
Miss Light
Jun 21, 2019
Fantastic customer service i was very happy with the installation highly recommend these guys.
Craig Arthur

May 13, 2019

Just brought a classic lift two post hoist four ton baseplate model 209x great product at great price. Customer service was excellent. and all questions were answered to my satisfaction


Ross Dodd

Feb 26, 2019
I have purchased a classic 409 4 post 4 tonne hoist with jack and beam and led kit. After opening package I am amazed with the quality of the product. Thanks for all the help great seller AAA
Tarlee Harrison
Nov 29, 2018
We bought the Classic 4 tonne clear floor hoist from Harry – we are very happy, great product, great service 🙂
Annie De Rosa
Oct 24, 2018
We purchased a Classic 2 post clear floor 4 tonne hoist from Classic Lift and we were very happy with the service and the hoist.
Jessy Flanagan
Oct 13, 2018
Purchased a 4 tonne classic lift very happy with product and great service
Frank Lawton
Sep 11, 2018
I purchased a Clear Floor 4 Tonne Hoist last week which was delivered the same day. After opening the packaging I was amazed at the quality of the whole product from the fabrication to the parts lists and installation instructions. The surface treatment of all the parts could not be faulted, neither could Harrys assistance during the pre sale discussions. Thank you Harry for a great product.
Allan Toomath
Aug 7, 2018
I have dealt with Classic Lift Australia Hoists on 3 occasions now and each time Harry has been easy to deal with and each hoist has been a perfect fit for my needs. The quality of the hoists and the service I have received has been top notch. Thanks Harry.
Travis Mcdonnell

Aug 7, 2018

Excellent customer service and information. Great product at a great price. Highly recommend.
Alisdair McDonald
Aug 6, 2018
I Just got new host classiclift 209 sac. Fantastic product. Helpfull staff. Highly recommended. Will be back for more