We have many years of experience in shipping if you are looking to purchase a single Car hoist, Classic Lift Australia Has distribution warehouses located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, And We can arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia we can work with you in finding the best price delivered to your address. We will dispatch your item Same business day once full payment has been received,

Classic Lift Australia ships most of its Hoists or large equipment by trucks, while smaller equipment is shipped by Vans. Some specialty Hoists are too heavy or packaged in such a way that they need to be shipped on a truck”.Classic Lift has access to many carriers and can provide shipping costs for their services.

The customer is always responsible for unloading the equipment. However, here are two options that may be used if you are unable to accommodate a BIG  truck or cannot offload the equipment. Most Hoists and other large equipment are commonly loaded on a freight truck at our warehouse and then are moved to one or two transfer station terminals. Some of our freight carriers may have a Depot close to you or your business.

You may choose to pick up your Hoist at the closest Depot that Depot has the proper equipment for loading into a truck or trailer. You should call the Depot to make sure that they can accommodate your needs.

You may also have the product delivered to a convenient address that has the equipment or unloading from the truck. any delivery date, provided either by Classic Lift Australia or the freight carrier is merely an estimate, not a guarantee of the delivery date. Any number of various shippers may be used to deliver the product to a destination, depending on the item being shipped, quantity, time and destination. Some larger items will need a loading dock or some other special means to remove the item from the delivery vehicle.