What is the warranty on your products?

Any items received that fall into the warranty category, (inoperable, or manufacturer’s defect) should be handled under the manufacturer’s written warranty conditions.

The customer should call Classic Lift Australia to have us troubleshoot the problem by phone first. Warranty conditions will be provided with all shipments. We will happily assist customers with any warranty service.

Classic Lift Australia offers one of the best warranties in the business with warranties as follows:

1. Steel Structure Components (including columns, carriages, lifting arms, top beam, floor cover, platform, cross beam, car drive-in ramp, scissor, base plate, etc.) Warranty for Five(5) Years.

2. Hydraulic Parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.) Warranty for one(1) Year supply parts only.

3. Other Parts(not including consumption parts such as rubber pads), electrical components, power unit have Warranty for one(1) year supply parts only. And Classic Lift Australia will send them out at our own cost at standard ground shipping rate.

If a customer needs parts more quickly, it will be the customer’s responsibility to pay for expedited shipping charges.

Classic Lift Australia will not compensate customers for downtime when their equipment is out of service.

Classic Lift Australia will not compensate customers for time lost if freight is not delivered on the date or time estimated by the freight company.

If you want to make a warranty claim, email us at info@classiclift.com.au or call us on 1800 95 10 22. With details of the hoist model and serial number and the tax invoice number.

We will always sort any problems out as soon as possible, we keep a range of spares Parts in our Branches.

WORKSAFE Certification

All Classic lift hoists have Australian Standards Certification and WorkSafe Design Registration,

Our hoists are Certified by an Australian Engineer and are design registered with Work Cover,

We will provide you with this documentation for you to keep and each hoist is clearly labeled with

It’s Work Cover Design Registration Number and covers all Australian states including,

1.Work Cover NSW

2.Work Safe QLD

3.WorkSafe Tasmania

4.Work Cover Victoria

5.Safe Work SA

6.Work Safe Perth

7.NT Work Safe

Work Safe h