Car Hoist Maintenance Procedure And Schedule


1. Re-torque the anchor bolts to 150 NM

2. Check all connectors, bolts and pins to insure proper mounting

3. Lubricate cable with lubricant

4. Make a visual inspection of all hydraulic hoses/lines for possible wear or leakage.

5. Check the safety device and make sure it is in proper condition

6. Lubricate all rollers and pins with Grease

Note: All anchor bolts should take full torque. If any of the bolts do not torque properly for any reason, DO NOT use the lift until the bolt has been replaced.


Every six months:

1. Make a visual inspection of all moving parts for any possible
wear or damage.

2. Check and adjust the tension of the cables when necessary to ensure level lifting.

3. Check that the columns are level

4. Check any rubber pads and replace them when necessary

5. Check the safety lock and make sure it is in proper condition

Oil cylinder maintenance

In order to extend the service life of the oil cylinder, please maintain

the hoist according to the following requirements:

1. We recommend that you use hydraulic oil grade 32 or 46

2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly during its use Replace the hydraulic oil three months after its installation, Replace

the hydraulic oil once a year onwards.

3. Make sure to at least raise the lift up and down once a day this procedure is done to exhaust the air from the system, which will

avoid the corrosion of the cylinder and avoid the seals from being damaged. And finally, protect the outer surface of the oil cylinder

piston rod from bumping and scratching, and clean up the debris on the oil cylinder dust-ring and piston rod.