Hoist Option

What you need to know to get more from your investment,

whether you’re a professional garage mechanic or a home enthusiast, it’s so important to select the ideal car lift for your requirements.

What is the warranty on my lift?
CLASSIC offers one of the best product warranties in the industry from the original factory commercial invoice date in the industry as follows:

1. Steel structure components (including Columns, Carriage, Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover, Platform, Cross Beam, Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor, Baseplate, etc.) warranty for five years.

2. Hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting, etc.) warranty for one year.

3. Other parts (not including consumption parts such as rubber pad) electrical components, power unit warranty for two years.

The thick of concrete to be for installing a 2 post hoist, Most manufacturers always say to at least have the concrete anywhere from 100mm to 200mm in-depth. And The size concrete anchor bolts needed for All  2-post lifts come with 19mm 140 mm long anchor bolts for the initial installation of your Hoist additional bolts can be purchased from Classic Lift Australia. And The size drill bit do I Need 20 mm drill bit to drill the holes for the 19 mm Dyna bolts.

For More Information Please contact Classic Lift Australia by email info@classiclift.com.au or call on 1800 95 10 22