Classic Lift Australian Based Company Manufacturers Of Automotive Car Hoists.

Classiclift manufacturing

Classic Lift Australia Hoists stands as an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing automotive lifts which have been built in line with world-class standards. The local Australian company takes pride in its top-quality products which since the first releases to the market 15 years ago have set new standards in the safety-conscious automobile segment. Classic Lift Australia Hoists attributes their success to an enhanced engineering capacity and the backing of a team of professionals who understand current market demands and the industry’s expectations. Speaking on how they have managed to gain industrial competency, the Productions Manager said, “From the very onset of our establishment, we were motivated to the development of solutions that would provide the average individuals with top quality hoist systems at affordable prices.

This was an ambitious project given that a lot of brands that offer safety-approved products have unusually high price tags which call for a lot of financial sacrifices. However, by taking charge of all our processes, we have been able to cut on operational costs without impacting on the standards of our products which we pass down as our low pricing.” The affordable prices provided by Classic Lift Australia Hoists make them the number one spot for clients after car hoists for sale. As a local company, the professionals take to account all interests of the average Australian with all their hoists approved for use in demanding work environments. Classic Lift Australia Hoists has further taken the steps to include enhanced features in their designs so that all their clients have the benefits of strong and durable solutions. Talking about the accessories available for their clients, the Sales Manager said, “Our automobile and motorbike lifts are built to give you years of trouble-free performance.

Nonetheless, there are moments that call for replacement of parts after years of continuous use to maintain the original performance levels. We have as such developed a full category of accessories which include base extension kits, rubber pad assy, stackable adapters, extension platforms, and airline kits. All the accessories have the same quality approvals as the original models in our hoist systems thus are 100% compatible and long-lasting.” The demand for a car scissor lift in Australia is largely propelled by the ease of use which makes them suitable for both personal applications and in busy garages. Classic Lift Australia Hoists has developed two distinct models of the scissor lift categorized as light models and heavy models which are designed for varied purposes. The light model is recommended for the home.