Installation 2 post Car Hoist for your workshop or Home

Every repair shop that you go to will always have one car hoist in there shops because it is easier to fix a car while you are standing up than it is laying down underneath a car with limited light.

when installing a car hoist,

I always recommend that you have a professional install it.  It will cost you a little extra but you will know that you are in good hands and will not have any problems with the installation. You can find a good installer by calling Classic lift on 1800 95 10 22.

We will find you an Authorised Installer in your area regardless of where you are in Australia and we will seek out the best prices for you. Things to keep in mind while you are installing the 2 post car lift PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU MAINTAIN SAFETY FIRST AT

ALL TIMES. This is the first thing that you should always keep in mind when installing an item that weighs as heavy as a car hoist.

Always use another person to help you lift the heavier objects so you don’t strain your back. Use the proper tools indicated in the manual that you will receive with the lift.

Before you install the 2 Post Car Lift

Now, if you are looking to install the car Hoist yourself, there are certain things you always want to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the concrete for your floor is deep enough and strong enough to support both of the columns. Most manufacturers always say to at least have the concrete anywhere from 100mm to 200mm in-depth and Now, once the car lift arrives at your place you want to make sure that you have a way to get it off the truck. My suggestion to you would be to rent a forklift and depending on what state and city you are in the prices will vary but it will usually be anywhere from $100 to $150 dollars a day.



Once you take out all the packaging and plastic from the columns, make sure that you start inserting and installing the cables and/or chains inside the columns. Again, depending on what kind of lift you bought and from what manufacturer you bought it,

these specifications are always going to change, so make sure you follow the instructions and place the cables correctly. This is fairly simple and you should not have too much trouble figuring out how and where to insert the cables.


Depending on what kind of hoist you have, the recommended space between where you should install the lift and the bay door varies, so make sure that you read the instructions carefully and take that into consideration. Usually,

you have to position the lift about 400 cm away from the door so you can have enough space to drive the car inside the shop and not have it sticking it out of the back door when you have it elevated.

Once you have decided where you want to install the two columns,

you must snap a chalk line so that can be your guide as to where you will be installing the two columns, and it’s as simple as that. At this point, all you have to do is place the two columns and align them with the chalk line. Make sure you lift each column with the help of someone else; you don’t want to be hurting your back in the middle of the job and not be able to finish it, these columns are pretty heavy.

The way you position the two columns will vary depending on if you purchase either a Symmetrical lift or an Asymmetrical lift.

Some manufacturers like Classic lift Australia, have both models whereas other Lifts companies have their own version of the Asymmetrical lift called the Asymmetrical Lift.

Again, the instruction manual that comes with the lift will explain exactly how they should be positioned depending on which lift you get. If you have any questions about any of these models please give us a call at 1800 95 10 22 and we would be more than happy to explain how this works.

With a level, make sure that the column is evenly placed and there is no side to side plumb or front to front plum. If there is, simply fix it with a couple of horseshoe shims until the column is evenly balanced. Once you have the column leveled, tighten them at 150 nums. of torque.

When you have secured the power side column, start working on the offside column, this will definitely be easier and more efficient. Follow the steps again to install the second column.

Once you have both columns secured, you can then move to install the Top Trough Assembly. This is a fairly simple procedure and most of the time you will either need a forklift to raise the bar or you can also raise it with two ladders and two men on each side. Once it is placed on top make sure you tighten the bolts, and then you will have the structure and hardest part of the Hoist already set up. Please make sure that if the anchor bolts have become loose while you were tightening the top bar, to tighten them again.


Next, we have to install the hydraulic power unit itself.

Even though the hydraulic unit is a little heavy, you can install it with the help of someone else. Usually, the unit will come with a Vibration dampener and this must be placed between the Hydraulic unit and the column. Once you have installed the hydraulic unit properly, you can fill the unit with hydraulic oil, you will need approximately 12 litres.

Installation Cables, and Hydraulic Hoses,


The next thing that you have to do is install the safeties, safety cables, hydraulic lines, power unit hoses and routing the equalizer cables. Now again, depending on what kind of lift you bought, the installations for these items are always going to be slightly different. However, for most lifts, you always have to install the safety cables through the cylinders in the columns and through the top bar of the lift. And the same thing goes for the hydraulics lines and power unit hoses. So please read the installation manual properly and follow the advice step by step. They will direct you exactly on how to install each cable and where it needs to go.

Since you are not doing any heavy lifting anymore, it won’t be so difficult; you just have to pay close attention to what you are doing. One mistake and you might have to redo all your work again.

all done,

If you follow all these descriptions from beginning to end and use the manual that comes with the car lift you should be equipped properly to install your own lift. It should only take you a couple of hours to install this lift, and believe it or not, it is not that hard. AGAIN, MAINTAIN SAFETY AT ALL TIMES WHEN INSTALLING THE Hoist.

If you have any questions about how to install the lift in your shop or looking for an installer in your area then please call us at 1800 95 10 22 or email us at