Motorcycle Hoists – Why your Workshop or Garage needs one

Classic Motorcycle ATV Lift CLATV 1

Classic Lift Australia provides the mechanical industry with a range of different products, however our most popular by far are the range of lifts and hoists. One of our most popular options is the Classic MC-600 motorcycle hoist. Motorcycles are a lot more maneuverable than normal vehicles, so why do you need a hoist? Read on, we talk about the benefits and features of motorcycle hoists and why your workshop or garage needs one or two.

Gone are the days of getting down on the ground to look under a vehicle. We can do it for cars, trucks, even trains; so why not motorbikes as well?  Enter the motorcycle hoist and its ergonomic functionality allowing you and your team to work on motorcycles and bikes of all kinds in comfort, a hoist can even reduce fatigue in your team.

Why do you need a motorcycle hoist?

This one is easy, a motorcycle, whilst not as cumbersome as a larger vehicle, still has components underneath and a hoist allows you to work on all parts of the bike from a standing or sitting position with ease. Taking some of the tolls of the physical side of motorcycle mechanics off your back. You will also often see motorcycle hoists at dealerships to better showcase each feature of the bike or to highlight a certain model. The motorcycle hoist has a raft of different uses.

Perhaps the best part is a motorcycle hoist is not strictly for mechanics or dealers, homeowners and motorcycle enthusiasts alike use our motorcycle hoists at home or in a workshop to make maintenance and repair an easier job for their bikes.

Bending, straightening, kneeling or stretching for long periods of time are harsh on the body and often you will find yourself a bit stiff if doing maintenance or repairs to a bike, not on a hoist. Imagine doing that for eight hours a day, its hard work ad very taxing on the body and in turn the mind. The motorcycle hoist takes the pressure off not only your staff but also their bodies as well. They are easily manoeuvred around the workspace and make it easier to see all the important parts of the bike you’re working on.

Why not just use a jack?

Whilst a jack is safe enough, it doesn’t provide as much stability and height as the hoist does. With a hoist, you can stand or sit whilst working on your bike, with a jack the movements you can make are somewhat limited.

The Classic Lift Motorcycle Hoist

Our Motorcycle Lifts operate using an electric hydraulic control system and as with all of our lifts and stackers has an automatic safety lock activation. The Classic Lift Classic MC-600 motorcycle hoist also features easily removable ramps and rear cover. There are also optional extras for the motorcycle hoist including a lifting jack and width or length extension kits. So you can easily take the single bike hoist to a hoist for quad bikes and similar with the simple extension kit. Of course, we also include the tightening belts to keep your bike safe and sturdy on the hoist.


Our hoist is rated to 600kg and lifts the bike to full height within 23 seconds. We also value the safety and design of our Products and every single one meets Australian Standards. We at Classic Lift also manufacture our products to the highest of safety standards whilst utilizing the latest technologies and processes. We innovate every day looking for new ways to provide the best products on the market.


Whether it’s a hoist, scissor lift or stacker you need, Classic Lift Australia is the best place to go. Our friendly team are on deck to help you with all of your questions and queries and we service most of Australia. Call to speak to one of our friendly team on 1800 951 022, or email us and we will be in touch shortly.