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Buying A Car Hoist In 2021

Car Hoist Classic Lift Australia

If you are tired of lying down on the floor and you want to service your car Or you want to own a Mechanical business and you are looking to buy a car Hoist for the home garage then it’s good to have a baseplate car hoist at the moment is not like before, Now […]

Buying Car Hoist: All You Need To Know About Two-Post Car Hoist

Classic 4000C 4tonne Lift

Have you been planning to welcome a car hoist in your residential garage or repair shop? Before investing your hard-earned money on the car hoist, it is worth to know more about the best options and ins/outs of the same. Whether you are buying it for your residence or professional repair shop, two-post car hoist is […]

2 posts or 4 posts hoists. What’s the difference and which you should choose?

Classic Lift Australia Product Factory 6
Looking for a new post lift for your workshop? Not sure if you need a two post or four posts or the difference between each lift? Well, you have come to the right place. Classic Lift Australia has multiple products in our range to meet your needs. We can also help settle the difference. Whether [...]