Tips for choosing the right Australian lift, stacker and hoist for your workshop or garage needs.

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Tips for choosing the right Australian lift, stacker and hoist for your workshop or garage needs.

Do you need a new hydraulic lift, hoist or car stacker? Too many products and manufacturers in the market and you’re not sure where to start looking? No problem. The team at Classic Lift Australia knows all to well how daunting it can be looking for a new system and as an expensive choice, you want to do your research. So, we have made it slightly easier and put together a handy guide on what to consider, what to look for and some of the quality products offered by Classic Lift Australia, to help you in deciding which solution best suits your needs.

What do you need?

This may sound simple but before you start researching you need to know what you are actually looking for, or your research will be never-ending. Look at your space to work in. If you are working with a lot of open space, fantastic, that opens a lot of options for you. If you are working in more confined spaces, go and measure the space exactly. This will help you narrow down what you can and cannot fit in the space.

Next you will need to look at your business or project. Whether it is a home workshop, a small business, large scale franchise or even if you just want to look at solutions for your lack of parking space and think stacking might be an option. Then you can decide on what products to look at.

For example if you have a small garage and want to look at how you can potentially stack cars up rather than side by side, you might want to start with the Classic Lift car stacker range. These stacks allow you to store up rather than out and use that dead space above your car park.

If you are looking for a hydraulic lift though, you may then need to consider your needs and whether a single, double or four post lift is the best solution for you. Each have their own merits, but only you will know which will suit your needs and fit in your space. Also, do you want a static lift or one you can move around if you need the space, that’s just another consideration to make in the decision process. There are three major factors when looking at what product is right for you – cost, space and needs. These are a good place to start when trying to decide on the right products.

Which manufacturer?

Obviously, we are biased, but we strongly believe you won’t find better products on the market than our range of stackers, lifts and hoists. Some of the things to look for when looking into a supplier or manufacturer are the warranties, safety standards and general quality of the materials used. With such an expensive purchase will the manufacturer install the product or will you need to do that and do you have the expertise to install the lift or stacker without compromising the safety of the product and you or your team operating it.

A manufacturer who places a large amount of focus on safety will give you more peace of mind that whichever lift, hoist, stacker or scissor lift will not only stand up to the pressure of everyday business but wont put your team or yourself at risk of injury.

Whether it’s a hoist, scissor lift or stacker you need, Classic Lift Australia is the best place to go. Our friendly team are on deck to help you with all of your questions and queries and we service most of Australia. Call to speak to one of our friendly team on 1800 951 022, or email us and we will be in touch shortly.