Two Post Car Lift vs Four Post Car Lift

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The car lift is automotive equipment used to lift or move the car in a vertical direction. Auto lifts or car lifts come in various shapes and sizes. Car lifts are categorized into two major classes- one that engages by frame and another that engage by the wheel.

There are various types of car lifts, namely, single post lifts, two post lifts, four post lifts, parking lifts, scissor lifts, specialty lifts, motorcycle lifts, etc. Here we will discuss and compare the two-post lift and four-post lift.

Two Post Lift
Two Post Lift engages by frames and it is the most common type of auto lift. It is called two posts as it consists of two columns placed on either side of the vehicle. It is considered the best choice for professional automotive repair shops.
This is because two post car lift leaves the car entirely open to do the repair work. Also, as they leave the suspension hanging, it becomes easier to change the tires in two post lifts than the four-post lift. However, two-post car lifts are not considered for parking applications.

Generally, there are two types of two post car lifts: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. Both function greatly but you need to take care to not to bump the doors in case of asymmetrical lift. This happens because in a symmetrical lift vehicle’s center is lined up with the posts and the doors are next to the lift posts.
Thus, when you open the door, it might get bumped into the post. However, it can be avoided if the driver is alert. To tackle this problem, Asymmetrical lifts were introduced. In an asymmetrical car lift, the front arms are shorter than the back arms as opposed to the symmetrical lift where all arms are of equal length.

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Four Post Lift
Contrary to the 2 Post car lift, the four-post car lift is a wheel-engaging type auto lift. It is considered sturdier than the two-post car lift because it has the additional support of four posts. Because there are extra materials and mechanics involved in four post lifts, it is slightly higher in price than the two post lifts.
The good thing is that some four post home automotive lifts do not need anchorage to the floor which means they can be easily moved. Such types of four-post car lifts are easy for storage and hence are considered ideal to be kept at home. Moreover, Four Post car lifts can also be used for parking the two cars in the same spot.

Wrapping Up
So now you know the difference between the 2 post car lifts and the four-post car lifts. Buy the one that suits your needs!