Info 4 HOIST 2021

Info 4 Hoist 2021 Review

if you are looking for a hoist or you are wondering about more info about hoists or you want to know or review how the hoists work,
A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load using a drum or lift wheel around which rope or chain wraps.
the hoist operates by hydraulic rams and the purpose is to lift the load or cars like car hoist or elevator in the building. if you are looking to buy a hoist to use for lifting cars, small cars or big cars or trucks and you have a home garage or you have a workshop and want to start an automotive business and if your home garage has a low ceiling,

you are still able to fit a car hoist in your home garage and that hoist is a scissor lift flush mount but you have to cut the concrete to be able to put the flush mount hoist in there, and the supplier of the hoist will provide the concrete drawing or if you have a high ceiling, you can fit a 2 or 4 post hoist, and still if your concrete not thick enough

And if your concrete, not 100mm you can use the base extension to support the base of the post, but you can not have concrete less than 100mm.

All the 2 post hoist operate by electric and hydraulic on the 2 rams so you have on the hoist power unit and hydraulic pump connecting by hose, so when you push the button on the electric motor the pump will start spinning at 2850rpm and then pumping the hydraulics to the rams, so the hoist will start lifting the load. all hoists have an oil container,

So when you want to put the hoist down, you have to lift the hoist up to get it off the locks and then release the oil so all the oil goes back into the container and this can be operated electrically or manually and if you have a sports car or you are car enthusiasts the best lift for you is a 4 post hoist called parking lift or storage lift and if your is very low you can use aluminum ramps for the 4 post hoist, Some of the 4 post hoists can lift higher also you do need to bolt them to the floor you can have them on wheels (caster kit) so you can move

the 4 post hoist around the home garage or shed and if you have sports car it is better to have this model of a hoist. When you operate the hoist always use the safety lock and on most hoists, you can adjust the lifting and lowering speeds, this can be done by the valve on the power unit, and on some hoist has a screw and you can turn it to the left for a faster speed or if you want it slower you can turn it to the right. If you push the button on the power unit and you want to lift the load and the hoist is not lifting,

So that sounds like a faulty pressure valve that controls the oil pressure and this valve will hold the oil pressure that goes to the rams and that makes the hoist goes up and will start lifting the load and to make the hoist on a level when lifting the car or load most hoist manufacturers are using cables,

These cables control the hoist to be level and you can use for the power 240V or 415V for the power, 3 phase 415V more power than 240V and some hoists are quite lifting like the elevator, but the car hoist make more noise than the elevator and the hoist when lifting the load it will take more power especially if its 415V and most people are preferred 240V power unit to be fitted with a hoist