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The Car Hoist is a primary necessity for the vehicle service industry. Inspecting the underside of a vehicle is a lot easier while standing under the car instead of looking up while lying on a creeper. Classic Lift Australia Sales provides the highest quality Overhead and Base Plate 2 Post Car hoists, at the most competitive prices in the Industry.

If You Are Thinking To Buy a Hoist In 2020

Classic Lift 4000C 4tonne clearfloor

If you Are Thinking to buy a Hoist in 2020 when you want to start a new project or you want to build a home garage Or do you want to have shed at home The first thing you’re going to think what Concrete thickness and strength will I need,  secondly what area and hight will […]

The Two Main Types Of Car Hoists Are 2 Post & 4 Post

2 post 5.5 ton Base Plate CL5500

the two post car hoist clear floor needs for correct installation A concrete pad of 32 mph strength and 120 -150 mm thickness. the minimum width requirement is 5 meters and the minimum height requirement is 3800 mm The hoist is available in 240 & 415 volts (single phase & 3 phase). The hoists are […]