The Correct Procedure For Levelling Carriages On A 2 Post Hoist

classic 2 Post Hoist a
The procedure for arriving at the right and correct tensioning of the lifting cables is as follows:
A) When the cables have been fitted to the carriage and 1 nut has been fitted to the thread this nut should be well above the bottom of
the thread ( Approximately 10mm) This should be done to both posts.
B) At this point the carriages should be lifted off the ground approx half a metre, then measurements can be taken from any datum
the point on both carriages to so if they are level,
I.e. either carriage needs to be adjusted so that both carriages are now level.
C) Bring the carriages back to ground level and a vehicle can now be lifted by the hoist again about half a metre off the ground.
D) When the distances from the carriage to the ground have been rechecked there may be a final lifting or lowering of 1 of the
carriages when this final adjustment has been completed and the carriages are now equidistant from the ground lock nuts can now be
fitted to the bottom of the thread always making sure that at least 2 or 3 threads are showing from the bottom of the lock nut
The hoist is now levelled and has been checked with a vehicle raised, the hoist is now safe and ready for use and you check more information for hoist installation.